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15 Dribbling Drills in Basketball to Increase Your Skills

15 Dribbling Drills in Basketball to Increase Your Skills
08 Jan 2024

Speaking of sports, there are numerous sports that have become extremely famous and are still played to this day. One of the globally renowned sports is basketball. 

This sport, which emphasizes hand skills in its gameplay, proves to be incredibly exciting to play. One crucial technique to master in basketball is dribbling. In this article, we will share 15 dribbling drills to enhance your skills.

Understanding Basketball

Basketball is a game that can be played with either 10 people (5 vs. 5) or 6 people (3 vs. 3). Typically in a 5 vs 5, one full court is used, while in a 3 vs 3 used half court is utilized. 

Basketball requires players to score points by successfully shooting the ball into the opponent's basket, hence the name basketball. The scoring system varies; shots made from outside the three-point line earn 3 points, shots in the three-point line count as 2 points, and free throws are worth 1 point each.

15 Dribbling Drills to Increase Your Skills 

Basketball demands a strong physique, particularly in the legs and hands. In this game, there are several fundamental techniques to master, and one of them is dribbling. Dribbling involves maneuvering the ball using your hands. 

The principle of dribbling in basketball is almost akin to dribbling in soccer but comes with more intricate rules. Here are 15 drills that can enhance your dribbling skills.

1. Stationary Ball Control

Dribbling Drills - Stationary Ball Control


Begin with the basics. Stand in place and focus on controlling the ball with quick and precise dribbles. This fundamental drill establishes a solid foundation for more advanced techniques.

2. Figure 8 Dribble

Dribbling Drills - Figure 8 Dribble

Shape your way to improve ball control with the figure 8 dribble. Weave the ball through your legs in a figure 8 pattern, honing your coordination and enhancing your ability to navigate defenders.

3. Cone Dribbling

Dribbling Drills - Cone Dribbling

Set up a series of cones to simulate defensive players. Practice navigating through the cones with controlled dribbles, improving your agility and developing a quick first step.

4. Around the World Dribble

Dribbling Drills - Around the World Dribble

Expand your dribbling range with the around the world drill. Encircle your body with the ball, alternating hands, and challenge yourself to maintain a smooth, continuous motion.

5. Speed Dribbling

Dribbling Drills - Speed Dribbling

Accelerate your dribbling speed with this high-intensity drill. Push yourself to cover as much ground as possible while maintaining control, mimicking game scenarios that demand quick transitions.

6. Blindfolded Dribble

Dribbling Drills - Blindfolded Dribble

Enhance your ball-handling instincts by temporarily eliminating your visual cues. Dribble blindfolded to rely on touch and spatial awareness, refining your ability to navigate the court under varying conditions.

7. Two-Ball Dribbling

Dribbling Drills - Two-Ball Dribbling

Introduce an element of complexity with two-ball dribbling. Simultaneously control two basketballs, challenging both hands to work in harmony and improving overall coordination.

8. Defensive Pressure Drill

Dribbling Drills - Defensive Pressure Drill

Simulate defensive pressure by having a partner or coach apply light resistance while you dribble. This drill helps build strength in your dribbling arm and enhances your ability to maintain control under duress.

9. Crossover Dribble Drill

Dribbling Drills - Crossover Dribble Drill

Master the crossover dribble with this targeted drill. Emphasize sharp, quick movements to deceive defenders and create opportunities for drives to the basket.

10. Between the Legs Dribble

Dribbling Drills - Between the Legs Dribble

Add flair to your dribbling repertoire with between-the-legs dribbles. This drill enhances your agility and introduces a stylish element to your ball-handling skills.

11. Reactionary Dribbling

Dribbling Drills - Reactionary Dribbling

Develop quick reflexes with reactionary dribbling. Have a partner call out specific dribbling actions, forcing you to adapt instantly and improving your responsiveness on the court.

12. Full-Court Dribble

Dribbling Drills - Full-Court Dribble

Take your dribbling skills to new lengths by practicing full-court dribbles. This drill builds endurance, enhances speed, and improves your ability to navigate the entire length of the court under control.

13. Spin Move Dribble

Dribbling Drills - Spin Move Dribble

Incorporate the spin move into your dribbling arsenal. Mastering this technique provides you with an effective way to navigate around defenders and create scoring opportunities.

14. Freestyle Dribbling Routine

Dribbling Drills - Freestyle Dribbling Routine

Combine various dribbling techniques into a freestyle routine. Improvise and experiment with different moves, fostering creativity and adaptability in real-game situations.

15. Game Simulations

Dribbling Drills - Game Simulations

End your practice session with game simulations. Incorporate the dribbling skills you've honed into realistic scenarios, preparing yourself mentally and physically for the challenges of competitive play.

Improve Your Dribbling Skills Now!

By consistently following the 15 drills mentioned above, you will feel a noticeable improvement in your dribbling skills. These drills can also serve as practicing for competitions by mastering dribbling techniques. 

Additionally, you need to master other fundamental skills such as shooting, court control, finishing techniques like lay-ups, and much more.

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1. What are basketball dribbling drills?

Basketball dribbling drills are specific exercises designed to improve a player's ball-handling skills. These drills focus on enhancing control, agility, and coordination while dribbling the basketball.

2. How often should I practice dribbling drills?

Aim to incorporate dribbling drills into your regular basketball practice sessions. Ideally, spend dedicated time on dribbling drills several times a week to see significant improvements.

3. Can beginners benefit from these drills?

Yes, the provided dribbling drills cater to various skill levels, including beginners. Starting with fundamental drills helps build a strong foundation for more advanced techniques.

4. Are there specific drills for different positions?

While the basic dribbling drills benefit all players, certain drills can be tailored to simulate position-specific scenarios. Guards, for example, might focus on quick crossovers, while forwards could work on power dribbles.

5. How can I make dribbling drills more challenging?

To increase difficulty, try incorporating multiple basketballs, introducing defensive pressure, or practicing drills blindfolded. Gradually progressing to more challenging variations enhances your overall skill set.