• Private Instructions

    Private Instruction is the fastest and the most efficient way to achieve individual success in any of chosen program. Private instruction Program provides a highly personalized skills-based training with a strong focus on individual’s needs and goals that helps students become Life Champions.

    Students will receive personalize intensive training, instructor’s feedbacks & guidance at any time, progress reports & videos from the training. as well as weekly training exercises to be accomplished at home.

  • Private Instructions increase a student’s personal responsibility over their learning, urging them to take every lesson seriously and fully master the materials.

    Students are strongly encouraged to take Private Instructions Program to enhance their skills and knowledge and be better prepared for testing and competitions.

The Benefits of Private Instructions

Private Instruction is the most effective way to learn new & advanced skills, as well as the fastest way to improve technique & achieve your child’s goals.

Private Instructions Program gives you a freedom to choose the time that works the best for yours and your child’s schedules.

Your favorite private instructor will completely focus on your child’s unique body mechanics, provide a customized lesson plan with detailed guidance for skills & techniques, and help to accomplish goals.



1 on 1 Private Instruction

One student and one instructor per class.
The fastest way of achieving your goals & our most popular Private Instruction program.

Semi Private Instruction

Up to 4 Students and one instructor/teacher per class.
Effective way to be prepared for testing/competition or develop skills in a small group.

Friends Private Instruction

5 Students & above with one instructor/teacher per class.
Gather your friends for an intimate Group Instructions to achieve your personal and group goals.

Team Private Instruction

10 Students & above with one instructor/teacher per class.
Achieve your Team's Success through our Team Private Instruction.

Shadow Private Instruction

One student and one Shadow instructor/teacher per class.
Student will receive necessary guidance through the individual approach from our Class Assistant to ensure student’s rapid success.

Jump Start

Jump Start is a special introductory private instruction session for RockStar Academy students.
Jump Start is a 30 minute private session with student’s preferred instructor/coach and program.

Interested in Private Instructions?

Contact your Academy or your favorite instructor for more details on schedule, pricing & any further information.