Rules & Policies

RockStar Academy Rules & Policies aimed at ensuring safe and conducive learning experiences for all members of RockStar Academy community – students, parents, instructors, and staffs.

Last Updated : 01 Jan 2022

Membership card must be presented upon entering the academy and must be tapped in before entering a class.

Students who fail to check-in using the card 3 times in a row will be automatically issued a new one and subjected to pay Rp 38,000 as card replacement fee.

Last Updated : 23 Apr 2024

Students must register for their chosen classes. Registration is recommended to be done before a new term starts once the schedules are available. Same-day class registration unavailable. Registration can be done at the front desk.

Registration is mandatory for all classes. Students who are not registered for a class but wish to join a class, will be classified as standby or waiting list. Priority will be given for registered students of the class.

Only students who fulfil the requirements of a class (such as age, gender, level) can register for the class.

Students are allowed to take:

  • Maximum of twenty-one (21) classes per week
  • Maximum two (2) classes per genre per week. For example, a student can register for two (2) Taekwondo classes and two (2) Dance classes, but not three (3) Taekwondo classes and three (3) Dance classes.
  • Students are allowed to do a maximum of three (3) hours of practice/class per day.

Parents are allowed to choose three (3) classes/week for Baby Gymnastics (Crawler, Walker, Jumper, & Tots Gym).

Last Updated : 01 Jan 2022


A class starts with an approximately 15 minutes of warm-up activities which are extremely important for safety reasons. Students who are late will probably miss the warm up activities and may risk injuring themselves during and/or after the class. 

Class Rules 

  • Students are not allowed to enter a class before being instructed by the respective instructor/coach/class assistance. 
  • Students must present their Membership Cards upon entering the class and take the card back after the class. One student can only tap in one class within the same period of time. 
  • Parents/Guardians are not allowed to enter a class except for the following classes: 
    • You & Me Classes (Baby Gymnastics, Baby Dance, Baby Ballet, You & Me Yoga, Family Classes, Sports U3, Learn & Play) 
    • Only one (1) guardian/parent is allowed to accompany one child 
  • Parents/Guardians are not allowed to: 
    • Disrupt a class  
    • Bring in bags, toys or any sharp/dangerous objects into a class 
    • Bring in food of any kind into a class 
    • Take out any equipment or accessories of the class 
    • Calling or texting during the class
  • Students are not allowed to: 
    • Bring in bags, toys or any sharp/dangerous objects into a class 
    • Bring in food of any kind into a class 
    • Leave a class without instructor’s/coach’s approval 
    • Take out any equipment or accessories of the class 
    • Calling or texting during the class
  • Students are allowed to: 
    • Bring in watter bottle and towel into a class

Last Updated : 01 Jan 2022

Students who fail to attend their registered class for three (3) times in a row or four (4) times in a term will automatically be removed from the registration list for that particular class.

Students are not allowed to register for the same class schedule until there is an available slot in the following term.

Students who fail to attend 40% of their registered classes within the first two (2) weeks of a term will be removed from the class with the least attendance.

Last Updated : 01 Jun 2024

Standby Policy applies to all classes.

Students who are not registered for a class may join the class as a Standby, if the class maximum capacity has not been reached.

Standby students must do a booking at the Front Desk and receive a Standby Number based on the sequence. Booking for Standby starts thirty (30) minutes before a class begins.

Maximum capacity for Standby is five (5) students for a class. Standby students will be able to join a class once there is a slot available due to the absence of registered students. The wait time is five (5) minutes after the class begins.

Standby students are not guaranteed a participation to a class if all registered students are present and maximum class capacity has been reached.

Class is prioritized for registered students first, then standby (Registered Students > Standby). Class attendance as a Standby will not be counted as Attendance nor taken into account for Mid-term Grading and Electronic Appraisal Card.

Last Updated : 01 Jan 2022

Health condition is an important aspect of any physical activities. Therefore, we do not allow students with certain illnesses and/or symptoms, as follows, to participate in any class:

  • Fever, runny nose, vomiting, stomach ache, nausea, skin irritations such as a rash, cough or sore throat, flu.
  • Contagious diseases such as chicken pox, mumps, measles, strep, pink eye, etc.

Students will be asked to leave the class and/or RockStar Academy facility, if any of these symptoms present themselves. If a student has an allergy that might be misinterpreted by others as a cold, please inform our staff.

Last Updated : 01 Jan 2022

Students are recommended to wear proper and comfortable clothing for training which are customized to each genre. For more details please check program pages.

Students with spectacles are required to use head straps with their glasses for safety reasons.

Students who do not follow the appropriate and recommended attire for a class may be denied to join a class.

Last Updated : 24 Jan 2024

A class with eight (8) or less than eight (8) students will be considered to be closed.  Permanent closing of a class will be done in the following term. 

Classes may be temporarily closed due to reasons such as heavy rain (for outdoor classes), natural disasters, black out, fire, riots or any other potentially dangerous conditions, unavailability of instructors/coaches and their substitutes due to major constraints such as accident, close relatives pass away/sick, external competitions, etc., RockStar Academy Special Events and Competitions. Class may be subject to closure at any time due to unforeseen events happening during the session.

Classes may also be temporarily closed if there is no participant/students ten (10) minutes after the class starts for thirty (30) minutes classes and twenty (20) minutes after the class starts for fifty (50) minutes and above classes. 

Last Updated : 01 Jan 2022

A new class of a particular genre/level may be opened once the existing class has reached over 100% capacity. 

New class opening is executed with a petition signed by parents of ten (10) students minimum, with a commitment that they will register and attend the class. 

Last Updated : 01 Jan 2022

RockStar Academy is a safe learning environment.   

However, parents/guardians presence with students are mandatory outside the classrooms/studios/courts/training area. 

Parents/Guardians are responsible for the safety and well-being of their children during their time at RockStar Academy and must not leave their children unsupervised particularly at public areas such as lounge, toilets, waterpark and halls. 

Last Updated : 29 Oct 2021

Students and parents/guardians must not leave their belongings unattended during their time at RockStar Academy facility.   

RockStar Academy is not responsible for any loss or damage occurs in the facility. 

Last Updated : 01 Jan 2022

Parents must ensure that their personal details and the personal details of their child/children are updated at all times.