Taekwondo Testing

Taekwondo Testing aims to progress students to the next level in Taekwondo Program.

Taekwondo Testing is designed to provide competitive experiences for students & help them to become Life Champions.

RockStar Academy Taekwondo Testing, conducted twice a year, is part of our commitment to facilitate Taekwondo students in progressing to higher levels and preparing for National & International competitions! RockStar Academy organizes and hosts Taekwondo Testing in collaboration with DKI Jakarta Provincial Body of Taekwondo Indonesia (Pengprov TI DKI Jakarta) and The Official Body of Taekwondo Indonesia (PBTI).
  • RockStar Academy Taekwondo program aims to bring the positive qualities in our students, such as confidence, self-discipline, inner calm, and a consistently positive mental attitude as well as increasing their self-restraint and respect for themselves and others. 
  • Upon completion of the testing, students receive a Belt and Certificate based on the results. Participants of Taekwondo Testing are evaluated by judges from Taekwondo Federation to ensure objective assessments.

Taekwondo Testing is conducted twice a year as followed

Name Term
Taekwondo Testing Spring Term 2023
Taekwondo Testing Fall Term 2023

Student who have succesfully completed the test will be eligible to

  • Progress to the next level in Taekwondo program
  • Participate in various competitions internally and externally (based on recommendation)