Dance Recital

The Dance Recital is one of the most popular annual event for students of all ages & levels from Dance, Cheerleading, and Broadway classes.

The Dance Recital is held in Winter Term (November of each year) at one of the biggest theatres in the center of Jakarta City.

The Dance recital in RockStar Academy is a wonderful opportunity for children as young as 4 years of age to experience a true sense of performing with special choreography, costumes, lighting, and live singing. It is also a perfect way for students to celebrate their achievements in Dance, Cheerleading & Broadway classes, and rock on stage! The preparation process and participating in the recital definitely help students improve their skills, boost confidence, promote teamwork, achieve goals, and create memories.
  • Students will grow tremendously as individuals and teams, as well as develop self-responsibility, discipline, and other important character traits necessary to become Future Life Champions.
  • We encourage students to participate in this amazing event and celebrate their achievements on stage with flowers, hugs, and congratulatory words from their friends & families.

Events Detail

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Wish Upon A Star - Performer's Guide

04 Nov 2023 - 04 Nov 2023 10:00 - 19:00