CSTD Contemporary Dance Testing

CSTD Contemporary Dance Testing aims to provide skills & techniques assessments and progress students to the next level in CSTD Contemporary Dance Program.

CSTD Contemporary Dance Testing is designed to provide examination & performance experience for students & help them to become Life Champions.

CSTD Contemporary Dance Testing, conducted twice a year, is part of our commitment to facilitate our Contemporary Dance students for Official CSTD Exams where they can obtain International Certification in Contemporary Dance. RockStar Academy is a member of Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD) & fully implements its leveling system, which provides comprehensive, progressive and up-to-date content focus on developing technique, musicality and artistry.
  • Through a series of CSTD Contemporary Dance Testing, our students will be able to gradually develop proficient knowledge and skills, be prepared for the Official CSTD Exams, grow their passion and continued advancement to the next higher level. Most importantly, CSTD Contemporary Dance Testing will allow them to move up level in RockStar Academy Contemporary Dance program.
  • Upon completion of the testing, students receive a Gold or Silver or Bronze Pin, Score card with individualized assessments and a Certificate based on the result. Participants of CSTD Contemporary Dance Testing are evaluated by internationally certified CSTD representative to ensure objective assessments.

RockStar Academy CSTD Contemporary Dance Testing is divided into 2 (two) stages and conducted twice a year as followed

Name Term
CSTD Contemporary Dance Certificate 1 Summer Term 2023
CSTD Contemporary Dance Certificate 2 Winter Term 2023

Student who have completed all stages will be eligible to

  • Progress to the next level in CSTD Contemporary Dance program
  • Take the Official CSTD Contemporary Dance Exam (based on recommendation)

Events Detail

Name Dates Time Download PDF

CSTD Contemporary Dance Testing Results - Summer 2024

20 May 2024 - 20 May 2024 18:00 - 21:00