Broadway Recital

The Broadway Recital is an annual event eagerly awaited by students of all ages and levels participating in Broadway & Cheerleading classes.

The First Broadway Recital will be held in the Winter Term (November 2024) at one of the biggest theaters in the center of Jakarta City.

The Broadway Recital presents an enchanting opportunity for aspiring performers, starting from the age of 4, to immerse themselves in the magic of live stage production. With meticulously crafted choreography, dazzling costumes, mesmerizing lighting, and captivating live performances, this recital promises to be an unforgettable showcase of talent and dedication.

This event is a great opportunity for students to celebrate their achievements in the Broadway and Cheerleading classes, boosting their skills, confidence and teamwork. It's a chance to create lasting memories and grow personally and as a team.

We invite all students to be part of this special event, where they can enjoy the applause, receive flowers, hugs, and congratulations from friends and family, making it a truly memorable celebration.

Events Detail

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Main Character Audition Guide - Broadway Recital 2024

26 May 2024 - 26 May 2024 13:00 - 17:00