RAD Ballet Testing

RAD Ballet Testing aims to provide skills & techniques assessments and progress students to the next level in RAD Ballet Program.

RAD Ballet Testing is designed to provide competitive experience for students & help them to become Life Champions.

RAD Ballet Testing, conducted twice a year, is part of our commitment to facilitate our students in progressing to higher levels in RockStar Academy Ballet program and prepare them for Official RAD Exams where they can obtain International Certification in Ballet. RockStar Academy is a member of Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) & fully implements its graded classes system, which are focus on developing technique, posture, performance skills, self-esteem, expression, and confidence.
  • Setelah menyelesaikan pengujian, murid akan mendapatkan pin emas atau perak atau perunggu, kartu penilaan dengan evaluasi keterampilan yang detail dan sertifikat berdasarkan hasil tersebut.
  • Peserta dari pengujian Balet RAD dinilai oleh perwakilan RAD Balet bersertifikasi internasional untuk memastikan penilaian yang objektif.

RockStar Academy RAD Ballet Testing is divided into 2 (two) stages and conducted twice a year as followed

Name Term
Ballet RAD Certificate 2 Fall Term 2022
Ballet RAD Certificate 1 Summer Term 2022

Student who have completed all stages will be eligible to

  • Progress to the next level in RAD Ballet Testing program
  • Take the Official RAD Exam (based on recommendation)

Events Detail

Name Dates Time Download PDF

RAD Ballet Testing Results - Spring 2022

21 May 2022 - 21 May 2022 10:00 - 19:00

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