RockStar Academy Camps are designed to stimulate, develop, and challenge students’ essential skills on the way to become Life Champions.

An active and healthy holiday program that nurtures the mind and body should be a top priority for students of all ages today.

With our range of Camps from Developmental to Elite levels and variety of programs, students have the opportunity to try out a new program or get even better at one they are already passionate about. RockStar Academy Camps Programs are designed to improve young athletes’ physical fitness, technique, discipline, hard work, and mental strength, as well as help students to stay fit, active, and happy during holiday seasons.

Camps Programs Requirement

Length of Program

Two (2) hours

Pricing & Terms

Please click the PDF file below for more detailed information on Time, Locations, Programs and Pricing


Monday - Friday

How to Join 

Simply give us a call or visit our Academies 

Who can join

Non RockStar Academy students & RockStar Academy students are welcomed


20% Off Early Registration (15 November – 1 December) 
General Registration (2 December – 25 December) 
Limited spaces available – Please Register Now! 



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