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Hit A Perfect Touchtennis Serve: A Complete Guide

Hit A Perfect Touchtennis Serve: A Complete Guide
23 Jun 2024

In the world of Touchtennis, the serve stands as a pivotal element and often determines the course of a match. Among the various techniques, mastering the touchtennis serve is one of the key points in the game which dictates play and seizing control on the court.

In this guide, we will delve into the key components of the touchtennis serve, breaking down each element to help you develop a well-rounded and effective serving technique. 

How to Serve in Touch Tennis?

Serving in touch tennis requires a combination of precision, timing, and strategy to effectively control the game. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to serve in touch tennis:

1. Find the Right Stance & Grip

The foundation of a successful touch tennis serve begins with finding the right stance and grip. Stand behind the baseline with your feet shoulder-width apart, ensuring a balanced and stable position. 

Your non-dominant foot should be slightly ahead of the other, allowing for a comfortable weight transfer during the serve. 

As for the grip, opt for a continental grip, where the base knuckle of your index finger is on the top bevel of the racquet handle. This grip provides versatility and control, allowing you to execute various types of serves with ease. 

2. Ball Toss and Take the Racquet Back

Once you've established your stance and grip, it's time to focus on the ball toss and the initial racquet movement. Begin by holding the ball in your non-dominant hand at about waist height, slightly in front of your body. 

Avoid tossing the ball too high or too far in front, as it can disrupt your timing and rhythm. Simultaneously, take the racquet back in a smooth and fluid motion, positioning it behind your body as you prepare to initiate the serve. 

Keep your racquet hand relaxed yet poised, ready to generate power and accuracy in the upcoming swing.

3. Reach the Trophy Pose

As you reach the peak of your ball toss, strive to achieve the trophy pose, a key position in the serving motion. Your racquet hand should be fully extended above your head, with your elbow slightly bent and the racquet pointing towards the sky. 

This position maximizes your reach and sets the stage for a dynamic and effective swing. Maintain a stable base with your legs, ensuring that your weight is evenly distributed to facilitate a strong and controlled downward motion in the next phase of the serve.

4. Jump & Swing

With the ball suspended in the air at its highest point, initiate the jump and swing phase of the serve. Bend your knees slightly and explode upwards, using your legs to generate power and elevation. 

As you ascend, begin the forward motion of your racquet, bringing it down towards the ball with speed and intent.Focus on timing your swing to make contact with the ball at the optimal moment, just as it starts its descent. 

Aim to strike the ball slightly below waist level, imparting spin and direction to dictate the trajectory of the serve.

5. Make Contact with the Ball

The moment of contact is critical in determining the outcome of your touch tennis serve. Aim to make clean and solid contact with the ball, using the strings of your racquet to propel it over the net with precision. 

Maintain a firm yet fluid wrist action, allowing for a controlled release of energy upon impact. Keep your eyes fixed on the ball throughout the entire serving motion, ensuring accuracy and focus in your execution. 

Visualize your desired target on the opposite side of the court, aiming to place the serve strategically to exploit your opponent's weaknesses. 

6. Follow Through & Land

As your racquet makes contact with the ball, follow through with the swing to complete the serving motion. Extend your arm fully towards your target, allowing the racquet to continue its natural trajectory across your body. 

This follow-through not only adds power to your serve but also helps maintain balance and stability. After completing the follow-through, prepare to land back on the court in a controlled manner. 

Allow your body to descend smoothly from the jump, landing on the balls of your feet with knees slightly bent to absorb the impact. Maintain your stance and readiness to react to your opponent's return, anticipating the next phase of the rally.

Start Serving Your Way to Victory Now!

The touchtennis serve is a skill that can elevate your game and give you a competitive edge on the court. By understanding the fundamentals, you can hit a perfect touchtennis serve and dominate your opponents with confidence and finesse.

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1. How can I improve my touchtennis serve? 

Practice regularly, focusing on timing, ball placement, and variations in spin and pace. Incorporate drills and seek feedback from experienced players or coaches to refine your technique.

2. Can I use spin serves in touchtennis? 

Yes, spin serves can be highly effective in touchtennis. Experiment with slice and kick serves to add variety to your game and keep your opponent guessing.