Tennis is a great all-around body conditioning sport that you can play the rest of your life!


Tennis Overview

  • Tennis is an effective sport to master fine motor-skills, hand-to-eye coordination, and muscular body strength while having fun & building confidence.
  • You will learn the fundamentals of tennis like Forehand, Backhand, Serve, Volley, Strength & Conditioning, and Match Strategy. 

Elite Classes

Tennis Elite Classes prepare students to compete at the highest level! Elite classes are longer, more intense, and are taught by the most experienced instructors.

Elite Students will be able to compete in various local & international competitions! Become a Champion & join our Elite Classes today!

High Performance Academy

High Performance Academy (HPA) classes are designed for students who want to take their training to the next level. Classes are longer, more intense and are taught by are most experienced instructors in the professional tennis courts. HPA classes are focused on developing high level skills and techniques, and a winning attitude. HPA students will have an opportunity to compete in various competitions and tournaments throughout Indonesia & Internationally. Join our HPA Classes today & become a Tennis Pro!


Leveling System

Curriculum Applied

ITF (International Tennis Federation) & PELTI (Persatuan Tenis Seluruh Indonesia)

  • Competitions
  • Certificates
  • Apprasial Card

Program Objectives

  • To provide a solid foundation of tennis fundamentals in a challenging and fun environment.
  • To provide goal-oriented classes, challenge skills and improve techniques.
  • To develop an interest in a lifetime sport and Increase physical abilities and strengths.

Skills Achieved

  • Forehand
  • Backhand
  • Serve
  • Volley
  • Concentration
  • Critical thinking

Term Highlights

  • Mid-Term Appraisal
  • Performance week - Parents must attend
  • Competition week
  • End-Term Appraisal

Competitions & Events

  • RockOlympics
  • Local & International Competitions

Class Requirements

  • Tennis clothing
  • Sports shoes
  • Hat (outdoor)

Top Instructor

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