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A Comprehensive Guide to Basketball Passing Drills

A Comprehensive Guide to Basketball Passing Drills
18 Jun 2024

Passing is a fundamental aspect of basketball. It is essential for effective team play and offensive strategy. Mastering various passing techniques with basketball passing drills can significantly enhance your game. 

Now, we'll discuss the intricacies of basketball passing, covering different types of passes, essential techniques, and effective passing drills to elevate your skills on the court.

Types of Basketball Passes

There are two types of passes in basketball: Air Pass and Bounce Pass. Air pass is where when passing the ball does not hit the floor at all and directly reaches the player. 

While Bounce Pass, passing by utilizing the floor which functions so that the ball is not blocked by the defender.

Variation of Passes

In basketball, passing is one of the mandatory techniques. Passing also has a wide variety of variations, used depending on the circumstances when playing. Here are the passing variations in basketball that basketball players should aware of:

1. Chest Pass

Variation of Passes - Chest Pass

  • Technique

Stand facing your target with both hands on the ball at chest level. Push the ball directly from your chest towards your target, snapping your wrists for added power and accuracy.

  • Purpose

The chest pass is quick and accurate, commonly used for short to medium-distance passes in fast-paced situations.

2. Bounce Pass

Variation of Passes - Bounce Pass

  • Technique

Similar to the chest pass, but instead of passing directly to your teammate's chest, aim to bounce the ball towards them, allowing it to hit the floor once before reaching them.

  • Purpose

Ideal for passing through defenders or in situations where a direct pass might get intercepted. The bounce adds unpredictability to the pass.

3. Overhead Pass

Variation of Passes - Overhead Pass

  • Technique

Hold the ball above your head with both hands, elbows bent. Push the ball towards your target using both hands, extending your arms fully.

  • Purpose

Effective for passing over defenders or making long-distance passes. Provides good visibility of the court for the passer.

4. Baseball Pass

Variation of Passes - Baseball Pass

  • Technique

Similar to throwing a baseball, grip the ball on the side with one hand and bring it behind your head. With a forward motion, release the ball towards your target.

  • Purpose

Useful for making long, accurate passes down the court, often utilized in fast break situations.

5. Behind-the-Back Pass

Variation of Passes - Behind-the-Back Pass

  • Technique

While dribbling or catching the ball, quickly bring it behind your back with one hand and pass it to your teammate using the same hand.

  • Purpose

Adds flair and unpredictability to your passing game, useful for catching defenders off guard.

Passing Techniques

In passing, accuracy is certainly important, but there are also several key techniques that must be understood. These include grip, timing, footwork, and vision to spot other teammates. Here are the essential techniques:

1. Proper Grip

Grip the ball firmly with your fingertips and pads of your hand. Avoid palming the ball, as it can result in inaccuracies and turnovers.

2. Footwork

Maintain a solid stance with your feet shoulder-width apart for stability. Use proper footwork to generate power and accuracy in your passes.

3. Timing

Anticipate your teammate's movements and pass ahead of them to ensure they receive the ball in stride. Good timing is crucial for successful passing.

4. Vision

Keep your head up and scan the court to identify open teammates and potential passing lanes. Peripheral vision is essential for making accurate passes.

Basketball Passing Drills

After knowing and exploring the passing technique. It is important to do passing drills. Here are some basketball passing drills that you can try:

1. Two-Person Chest Pass Drill

  • Partners stand facing each other at a short distance.
  • Pass the ball back and forth using chest passes, focusing on accuracy and speed.
  • Increase the distance gradually to challenge each other.

2. Circle Passing Drill

  • Form a circle with players evenly spaced apart.
  • Pass the ball around the circle using various passing techniques, such as chest passes, bounce passes, and overhead passes.
  • Emphasize quick ball movement and maintaining good spacing.

3. Outlet Passing Drill

  • Set up two lines of players, one under the basket and one at midcourt.
  • Players under the basket rebound the ball and quickly outlet pass to players at midcourt.
  • Focus on accuracy and speed in the outlet pass to initiate fast breaks.

4. Cut and Pass Drill

  • Set up cones or markers around the court to simulate defenders.
  • Players practice cutting to open spaces while their teammate delivers accurate passes to them.
  • Emphasize communication and timing between the passer and the cutter.

Basketball is About Passing!

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1. How can I improve my passing accuracy?

Practice proper technique, focus on grip and footwork, and consistently work on passing drills to enhance your accuracy over time.

2. What should I do if I'm having trouble seeing open teammates on the court?

Work on improving your court vision by keeping your head up, scanning the court regularly, and practicing awareness of your surroundings during drills and gameplay.

3. Are there specific passing drills for point guards?

Point guards can benefit from all passing drills, but focusing on drills that emphasize decision-making, such as pick-and-roll situations and outlet passing, can be particularly beneficial for their position.