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15 Best Parkour Tricks You Can Master

15 Best Parkour Tricks You Can Master
13 Mar 2024

Parkour, the exhilarating urban sport that combines agility, strength, and creativity, has gained immense popularity worldwide. As practitioners defy gravity and push their physical boundaries, a repertoire of awe-inspiring parkour tricks emerges.

In this article, we'll explore 15 of the best parkour tricks that will not only challenge your physical abilities but also enhance your overall parkour experience. Whether you're a seasoned traceur or a newcomer eager to embrace the challenge, these tricks are sure to ignite your passion for the art of movement!

Best Parkour Tricks You Should Try

Parkour is not just a physical activity but a form of self-expression that challenges the boundaries of human capabilities. The discipline is a dazzling display of agility, strength, and creativity, and at its core are a variety of awe-inspiring tricks that set practitioners apart. 

Here, we unveil some of the best parkour tricks that not only showcase technical prowess but also exemplify the spirit of freedom and fluidity inherent in this captivating practice:

1. Vaults

Mastering the art of vaults is fundamental to any parkour practitioner. Vaults not only allow traceurs to smoothly overcome obstacles but also add a touch of personal flair to their movement repertoire.

  • Lazy Vault

A Lazy Vault is a fundamental parkour move used to overcome obstacles efficiently. To execute, approach the obstacle at an angle, plant one hand on it, and swing your legs over while keeping your body low. The Lazy Vault is perfect for clearing low barriers swiftly. 

  • Kong Vault

The Kong Vault is an advanced technique where you dive over an obstacle headfirst, propelling yourself with your arms and tucking your legs underneath. This trick is ideal for covering longer gaps or obstacles, showcasing both agility and strength. 

  • Thief Vault

The Thief Vault is characterized by a swift, one-handed vault where the free arm swings across the body. This move adds flair to your parkour repertoire and is particularly useful when dealing with narrow obstacles.

2. Landings

Perfecting your landings is crucial in minimizing impact and preventing injuries during parkour maneuvers. Whether executing precision landings or rolling landings, understanding the nuances of weight distribution and body control is key. 

Learn to touch down with precision, absorbing the impact seamlessly as you transition between obstacles.

  • Precision Landing

Precision landing involves landing precisely on a targeted spot, showcasing control and balance. Practice this by jumping from varying heights and aiming to land with minimal noise, focusing on absorbing the impact through your legs. 

  • Quadrupedal Landing

Mimicking the movement of a quadruped, this landing involves touching down with both hands and feet simultaneously. Quadrupedal landings are excellent for absorbing impact and maintaining stability during rapid movements. 

  • Safety Tap

The Safety Tap is a technique where you lightly tap the obstacle with your foot before landing. This not only helps gauge the distance but also minimizes the impact on your landing, reducing the strain on your joints.

3. Bar Techniques

For those seeking an aerial adventure, bar techniques in parkour are indispensable. Mastering bar techniques not only enhances your agility but also opens up new possibilities for navigating the urban landscape.

  • Bar Kip

A Bar Kip involves smoothly transitioning over a horizontal bar by swinging your body underneath. This move requires upper body strength and timing. Practice the swinging motion and coordinate it with your jump for a seamless execution. 

  • Lache

The Lache is a dynamic swinging movement between bars, emphasizing a fluid transition. Swing from one bar, release at the right moment, and grab the next bar in a controlled manner. Perfecting the Lache enhances your ability to traverse gaps efficiently. 

  • Underbar

An Underbar involves passing under a horizontal bar without touching it. It requires agility and a quick drop of the body while maintaining forward momentum. Mastering the Underbar allows for creative navigation through tight spaces.

4. Walls Techniques

Walls become canvases for parkour practitioners, providing vertical challenges that demand both strength and creativity. Unleash your inner climber as you conquer vertical surfaces, turning the urban environment into a three-dimensional playground.

  • Wall Run

The Wall Run involves sprinting towards a vertical surface, pushing off with one foot, and using the momentum to reach higher points. Practice proper foot placement and a powerful push to ascend walls with ease. 

  • Tic Tac

A Tic Tac is performed by rebounding off one wall to reach another. This technique relies on precision and timing. Mastering the Tic Tac enables traceurs to navigate complex environments by utilizing multiple surfaces. 

  • Climb Up

The Climb Up is a foundational skill for scaling walls. Place your hands on the top of the obstacle, push your body up, and bring your legs over. Develop upper body strength and coordination for efficient climbs.

5. Combinations 

True mastery of parkour lies in the seamless integration of various techniques. Combinations showcase the fluidity and creativity of a traceur, combining vaults, landings, bar techniques, and wall maneuvers into a captivating dance of movement. 

Experiment with different combinations to develop your own signature style, blending efficiency with aesthetic appeal.

  • Double Kong

Combining two Kong Vaults consecutively, the Double Kong is an advanced maneuver requiring strength and aerial awareness. Ensure a smooth transition between the first and second vault to maintain momentum. 

  • Pop Vault

The Pop Vault involves hopping onto an obstacle, then immediately vaulting over it. This quick and explosive combination showcases agility and precision. Practice the timing to seamlessly link the two movements. 

  • Cat to Cat

Cat to Cat refers to jumping from one horizontal surface to another with a cat-like grace. Mastering this combination enhances your ability to flow through environments by stringing together fluid movements.

Ready to Defy Gravity?

Mastering these 15 parkour tricks can elevate your skills as a traceur and provide a foundation for exploring the creative and dynamic world of parkour. Remember to prioritize safety, practice consistently, and embrace the joy of movement as you navigate urban landscapes with confidence and style.

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1. How can I get better at parkour? 

Consistent practice, focused training sessions, and gradual progression are key to improving your parkour skills. Joining a community or taking classes can also provide valuable guidance. 

2. What skills do you need for parkour? 

Fundamental skills include agility, balance, strength, and spatial awareness. Developing techniques like vaults, landings, and fluid movement is crucial for mastering parkour.