Ping Pong

The Ping Pong Program at RockStar Academy is thoughtfully designed to provide participants with a dynamic and engaging experience, aimed at fostering both enjoyment and substantial skill development.

Ping Pong

Ping Pong Overview

Our program features a structured curriculum that caters to individuals of all skill levels, from beginners looking to grasp the basics to advanced players seeking to refine their techniques. We are committed to creating an environment where participants can thrive and enjoy every aspect of their ping pong journey. 

With our experienced coaches leading the way, we ensure each participant receives personalized attention and guidance to maximize their potential on the table.

Leveling System


Curriculum Applied

PTMSI - Persatuan Ping Pong Seluruh Indonesia (Indonesian Ping Pong Association)

  • Competitions
  • Certificates
  • Apprasial Card

Program Objectives

  • To develop skills in & improve hand-eye coordination through practice and drills.
  • To enhance strategic thinking and tactical decision-making in gameplay.
  • To increase physical fitness, stamina, and agility.


Skills Achieved

  • Serve
  • Drive
  • Push
  • Block
  • Flick
  • Smash

Term Highlights

  • Mid-Term Appraisal
  • Performance week
  • Competition week
  • End-Term Appraisal

Competitions & Events

Class Requirements

  • Sports clothing
  • Sports shoes