Our challenging Gymnastics classes is a great way to keep students in shape and develop healthy lifestyle habits.


Gymnastics Overview

  • Gymnastics classes are designed to develop and improve strength, flexibility, balance, agility, and coordination in a safe environment. Classes focus on developing skills in Beams, Bars, Tumbling, and Vaulting. 
  • You will build confidence and achieve goals, participate in Testing & Competitions, meet new friends, and be well on your way to becoming a Life Champion! 


Elite Classes

Gymnastics Elite Classes prepare students to success in Gymnastics Testing and progress in USAG program. Elite classes are longer, more intense, and are taught by the most experienced instructors. 

Elite students will have an opportunity to compete in various competitions throughout Indonesia & internationally.

Become a Champion and join our Elite Classes today!

Leveling System


Curriculum Applied

USA Gymnastics

  • Testing
  • Competitions
  • Certificates
  • Apprasial Card

Program Objectives

  • To provide the best curriculum focused on progressions and challenges our gymnasts. 
  • To educate students how to set and achieve personal goals, develop self-discipline, build strong mental attributes such as positive self-image, self-motivation, tenacity, patience, concentration and promote self-confidence. 
  • To promote a love of movement that translates into other sports as well as a lifetime of activity.

Skills Achieved

  • Tumbling: rolls, cartwheel, handstand
  • Bars: hangs, swings, front support, cast 
  • Beam: poses, walks, mounts, and dismounts
  • Vault: safe landing techniques, hurdles, mounts, jumps

Term Highlights

  • Mid-Term Appraisal 
  • Performance week - Parents must attend 
  • Competition week
  • End-Term Appraisal

Competitions & Events

Class Requirements

  • Body fitting or formal gymnastics clothing
  • Barefoot
  • Hair must be pulled up away from the face secured with clips/ headbands/ ponytail
  • No jeans, zippers, buttons, or jewelry

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