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The Ultimate Guide to Cheerleading Stunts and Techniques

The Ultimate Guide to Cheerleading Stunts and Techniques
24 Jun 2024

Cheerleading is not just about chants and pom-poms; it's an athletic pursuit that demands strength, agility, and coordination. At the heart of this electrifying sport lies the art of cheerleading stunts. 

These gravity-defying maneuvers not only captivate audiences but also showcase the skill and teamwork of the athletes.In this guide, we delve into the intricacies of cheerleading stunts, offering insights, tips, and techniques to elevate your squad's performance to new heights.

Cheerleading Positions

Cheerleading Positions - Flyer, Back Spot, Base, Side Base

In cheerleading, there are several key positions that athletes assume during routines, each playing a vital role in the overall performance. Here are the main cheerleading positions:

1. Flyer

The flyer is the cheerleader who is lifted and performs acrobatic maneuvers during stunts. 

Positioned at the top of the stunt pyramid, the flyer must possess exceptional balance, flexibility, and grace. 

They showcase athleticism and artistry through various aerial movements and poses, often serving as the focal point of the routine. 

2. Back Spot

The back spot is a crucial member of the cheerleading team responsible for providing support and stability during stunts. Positioned behind the flyer, the back spot assists in lifting and spotting the flyer to ensure their safety. 

They play a vital role in controlling the stunt's momentum and guiding the flyer through complex maneuvers, utilizing their strength and awareness to maintain balance and control. 

3. Base

Bases are the cheerleaders who provide the foundation and support for the flyer during stunts. 

Positioned at the bottom of the stunt pyramid, bases work together to lift and hold the flyer in the air. 

They use their strength, coordination, and teamwork to create a stable platform for the flyer to perform, ensuring proper alignment and safety throughout the stunt. 

4. Side Base

Side bases are specific base positions located on either side of the flyer. Working in tandem with the other bases, side bases provide additional support and stability during stunts. 

They assist in lifting the flyer off the ground and maintaining balance throughout the routine. Side bases play a crucial role in executing various stunts, including lifts, tosses, and pyramids, by ensuring synchronized movement and coordinated effort with the rest of the team.

Types of Cheer Stunts

Cheerleading stunts are the heart and soul of any captivating performance, showcasing the athleticism, precision, and teamwork of the squad. As we know, the world of cheerleading stunts offers a diverse array of techniques to dazzle audiences and inspire awe. 

Each type of stunt requires unique skills and coordination, contributing to the dynamic and thrilling nature of cheerleading performances. Let's explore some of the most popular types of cheer stunts:

1. Thigh-stand

Types of Cheer Stunts - Thigh-stand

The thigh-stand is a foundational cheerleading stunt where the flyer balances on the thighs of one or more bases. To execute a thigh-stand, the back spot provides stability and support by firmly gripping the flyer's waist from behind. 

Side bases position themselves with feet shoulder-width apart, arms extended upward to provide a stable platform for the flyer's feet. The flyer, maintaining a tight core and engaged muscles, steps onto the bases' hands, placing one foot on each base's thigh. 

With proper balance and coordination, the flyer stands upright, arms raised in a motion of celebration or pose.

2. Prep or Half

Types of Cheer Stunts - Prep or Half

The prep or half stunt is a versatile intermediate-level stunt where the flyer is lifted partially above the bases' heads. To perform a prep, the back spot supports the flyer's lower back, providing stability and guidance. 

Side bases position themselves with arms extended upward, creating a solid foundation for the flyer's feet. The flyer, utilizing momentum and trust in their bases, jumps or steps onto the bases' hands, placing one foot on each base's palms. 

As the bases extend their arms upward, the flyer lifts off the ground, rising to a half-extension position where their torso is parallel to the ground. 

The flyer maintains proper body alignment and engages their core for balance while striking a confident pose or performing choreographed movements.

3. Extension

Types of Cheer Stunts - Extension

An extension is an advanced cheerleading stunt that involves lifting the flyer into the air with one hand while supporting their foot or ankle with the other hand.

To perform an extension, the bases start in a strong stance with one base standing behind the flyer and the other base facing the flyer. 

The flyer stands facing the bases and places one foot in the hands of the base behind them, while the base in front grips the flyer's waist or ankle. 

On the count, the bases lift the flyer into the air, with the base behind extending their arm fully to support the flyer's foot, and the base in front extending their arm to support the flyer's waist or ankle. 

The flyer maintains a tight body position and focuses on keeping their weight centered as they balance in the air. Extensions require exceptional strength, balance, and synchronization among all team members.

Ready to Stunt Higher and Shine Brighter?

As the curtain rises on the world of cheerleading stunts, this ultimate guide serves as a beacon of knowledge and inspiration for aspiring cheerleaders and seasoned veterans alike. 

Through dedication, teamwork, and unwavering determination, cheerleading squads can master the art of stunting, captivating audiences with their athleticism, creativity, and sheer passion for the sport.

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1. What skills are needed to perform cheerleading stunts? 

Cheerleaders involved in stunts require strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and trust in their teammates. Proper technique and communication are also essential for executing stunts safely and effectively.

2. What should I wear when practicing cheerleading stunts? 

Wear form-fitting athletic attire that allows for ease of movement and provides adequate support. Avoid loose clothing or jewelry that could interfere with stunts or pose safety hazards.